Sanja Stojanovic

Sanja Stojanovic

Senior Business Analyst


  • Ph.D. in Communications, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2014
  • Master’s degree in Arts and Media Theory, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006
  • Bachelor’s degree in Media Management, Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000


Other Certification and Member

  • Visiting scholar at School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Kent State University, Ohio on the scholarship “Professional Development Year for Journalists”, 2008-2009
  • Positive Psychology, online course, University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, 2015



Sanja Stojanovic is a media and communications expert with international experience.

The fast thinker, talker, and learner, Sanja finished last two years of University in one year. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in management with a focus on media and master’s degree in arts and media theory, she earned Ph.D. in communications.

She is equally successful doing an interview with Miss Universe, writing a report from Mötley Crüe concert, covering anorexic bulimic disorder, or translating her travel experiences into vivid articles. For over a decade, she was writing on the application of technology to all departments of life and social implications of technology and internet culture.

She has attended major technology summits, media conferences, and investigative journalism workshops.

As a journalist, Sanja interviewed artists, as an academic she analyzed the business side of media and branding, as a business plan writer she has thoroughly researched and analyzed businesses across multiple industry sectors.

Sanja produced hundreds of complex business plans with financial projections for both startups and developed businesses, mainly for immigration visas.

Sanja has built her expertise through theory, professional practice, and lifestyle. She traveled over 70 countries, lived in different continents, and her knowledge of people, cultures, and places is deep and wide.

Sanja takes pride in her resourcefulness and she sees herself as a life beautifier. She loves to see people flourishing. To support the claim, she also holds a positive psychology certificate. She strives to understand people and see them as they are, but her creativity makes her also see people and businesses as they may become, she can help them realize the potential

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